The following are the major stockholders of Global-Estate Resorts, Inc. as of 30 September 2017:

Total Issued and Outstanding Shares

Megaworld Corporation is one of the leading property developers in the Philippines and is primarily engaged in the development in Metro Manila of large-scale mixed-use planned communities, or community townships, that integrate residential, commercial, educational/training, leisure and entertainment components. Megaworld’s real estate portfolio includes residential condominium units, subdivision lots and townhouses, as well as office projects and retail space. It has three primary business segments: (i) real estate sales of residential and office developments, (ii) leasing of office space, primarily to business process outsourcing (“BPO”) enterprises, and retail space, and (iii) management of hotel operations.

Fil-Estate Management, Inc. (FEMI) was organized to act as managers, managing agents, or administrators of corporations, partnerships, or persons, with respect to their businesses or properties to provide management and technical assistance and services for commercial, industrial, manufacturing and other kinds of enterprises and to undertake, carry on, assist or participate in the management, reorganization or liquidation of corporations, partnerships, and other forms of business firms and entities, provided that the corporation shall not exercise the function of a trust corporation and shall not undertake the management of funds, securities portfolio and similar assets to other persons or entities.

FEMI was organized in 1983 principally by Robert John L. Sobrepena, Atty. Ferdinand T. Santos and Noel M. Carino, to serve as the holding and management company of the Fil-Estate Group, which includes various real estate development and marketing companies and two publicly listed companies, Global-Estate Resorts, Inc. (formerly Fil-Estate Land, Inc.) and Metro Global Holdings Corporation (formerly Fil-Estate Corp., Inc.).

FEMI’s major developments include the Renaissance Towers, the flagship office and residential condominium of the Renaissance Centre in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Neopolitan, a 300 hectare master planned community in Fairview, Quezon City, Laguna Hills, a 47 hectare residential subdivision in Laguna, and Hillsborough Estates, a 53 hectare luxury residential subdivision located in Alabang. FEMI also took the lead in the development and completion of the MRT 3 Project that provides mass rail, transport along EDSA.

FEMI currently holds a minority stake in GERI, a majority stake in Metro Global Holdings Corp and is the principal shareholder of Camp John Hay Development Corp, the lessee and developer of the 247 hectare former US military R & R facility in Baguio.

FEMI intends to pursue other development initiatives through Metro Citywide Dev. Corp., a fully owned subsidiary of Metro Global Holdings Corp.

Greenfield Development Corporation is one of the Philippines’ most diversified real estate companies rapidly expanding through aggressive developments in industrial, commercial, residential, recreational and infrastructure projects.