LOURDES T. GUTIERREZ-ALFONSO, was first elected as Director of the Company on 30 June 2011. Effective 01 March 2015, she was appointed as the Company’s Managing Director in a concurrent capacity to oversee the Company’s business performance and lead in the formulation of overall strategic direction, plans, and policies for the Company. She is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Megaworld Corporation. Ms. Gutierrez joined Megaworld in 1990. She is a Certified Public Accountant and is a member of Megaworld’s Management Executive Committee. Ms. Gutierrez graduated Cum Laude from the Far Eastern University with the degree of Bachelor of Science major in Accounting. She is the Chairman of Megaworld’s property management arm, First Oceanic Property Management, Inc. and Eastwood Cinema 2000, Inc. She is currently the Director and Vice Chairman of Suntrust Properties, Inc. and a director of Megaworld Cebu Properties, Inc., Megaworld Resort Estates, Inc., Oceantown Properties, Inc., Prestige Hotels & Resorts, Inc. and Lucky Chinatown Cinemas, Inc., Oceanfront Properties, Inc., Megaworld Global-Estate, Inc., Twin Lakes Corporation, and Fil-Estate Urban Dev’t Corp. She is a trustee and Corporate Secretary of Megaworld Foundation, Inc.