MONICA T. SALOMON, has served as Director, President, and Chief Operating Officer of the Company since 01 March 2015. Prior to joining GERI, she was Head of Megaworld’s Corporate Management Division and spearheaded strategic real estate acquisitions and joint ventures for the Megaworld Group. She was also a member of Megaworld’s Management Executive Committee, which is responsible for the development and execution of the Group’s corporate strategies, policies and initiatives. She holds directorships in various Megaworld and GERI subsidiaries significant of which are Twin Lakes Corporation, Megaworld Global-Estate, Inc., Southwoods Ecocentrum Corp., Southwoods Mall, Inc., Prestige Hotels & Resorts, Inc., Luxury Global Hotels and Leisure, Inc., Oceanfront Properties, Inc., and Megaworld Foundation, Inc. She obtained her Bachelor of Laws in 1994 from the University of the Philippines.