A. Stockholders may register from until 5:00 PM of 18 June 2024 to signify his/her/its intention to participate in the 2024 ASM by remote communication.

B. To register, all stockholders shall submit the following requirements to the Office of the Corporate Secretary via email at [email protected]:

  1. Scanned copy of stock certificate issued in the name of the stockholder/s (if applicable);
  2. Valid email address and active contact number;
  3. Scanned copy of valid government-issued identification card;
  4. Recent photo of stockholder.

Other requirements are as follows:

For Stockholders with Joint Accounts

  1. Authorization letter signed by all stockholders indicating the name of the person authorized to cast the votes;

For Stockholders under PCD Participant/Brokers Account or holding ‘Scripless Shares’

  1. Stockholders should coordinate with their broker and request for the full account name and reference number or account number they provided the Company;
  2. Broker’s Certification on the stockholder’s number of shareholdings;

For Corporate Stockholders

C. The documents submitted will be subject to verification and validation by the Office of the Corporate Secretary The validation process will be completed by the Company no later than three (3) business days from the stockholder’s receipt of an email from the Company acknowledging receipt of the stockholder’s registration documents. Once validated, the stockholder will receive an email that his/her/its account has been verified and shall provide instructions for the stockholder’s access to the 2024 ASM link.

D. Only the stockholders who have registered as described-above and have been validated to be stockholders of record of the Company will be considered in determining the quorum.